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« Read: In the name of thy Lord Who createth, createth man from a clot. Read: And thy Lord is the most Bounteous, Who teacheth by the pen,

Teacheth man that which he knew not»

QURAN: 96.1-5

CALEM | 2011  MANIFESTO  -  Inclusive Muslims, join us and unify our energies for a better humanity

"Our network of inclusive Muslims is at the avant-garde of the reflection about Islam and sexual or gender diversity. Early 2011, our sister organizations met in Cape Town (South Africa) and decided to create an International Network of Inclusive Muslims: INIMuslim[1].

The CALEM confederation is the European regional pole of that international network of support; the CALEM conference is the mean that Europeans has been using, for two years now, to strengthen our European and international inclusive Muslim’s dynamic.

The aim of our network INIMuslim is to provide helpful and concrete basis to address the issue of Islam & sexual diversity, and assist Muslims to reconcile their cultural heritage with their sexuality or gender orientation, to peacefully strive together toward common goals of interest for our network that aspires to the realization of an inclusive Islam.

INIMuslim is a collaborative initiative of official [2] Organizations and Associations worldwide, and selected experts, working internationally for the inclusivity of Muslims marginalized on the basis of their sexual or gender orientation (LGBTQIA), advocating both against “Homophobia” & “Islamophobia”, to defend their human rights.

Through INIMuslim, organizations and individuals can exchange information, deconstruct prejudices and misbelieves, share ideas and experiences, exchange skills, develop a united voice with humility and solidarity, and develop new tools, strategies and advocacy in total transparency.

Moreover, let us be reminded that our beloved Creator Allah SWT states in the Quran in numerous places that no singular identity, nor social category, shall be normalized above others; no identity shall be imposed as “normal” on any one of us, especially not on our transgender brothers and sisters.

Allah SWT says in the Quran: “O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! The noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware“ [3]. Thus, we shall promote Allah consciousness in respect of each individual’s personal self-definition.

We call our sisters and brothers, inclusive and progressive Muslims, from any sexuality, gender, sex or color, to join us to work together toward a truly inclusive Islam and a peaceful humanity."

[1] In Arabic INI MUSLIM  means “I am Muslim”.
[2] Official NGO means it has at least three board members, democratically elected, a clear constitution, a website.
[3] Quran: 49.13.

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  CALEM 2010 - the first CALEM conference - was an initiative of the Citizen network of the HM2F (Homosexual Muslims of France).

   In three days, we welcomed 80 participants from 11 countries (among which 4 North African countries); the 2010 CALEM Manifesto asked for a “moratorium on criminalization” of homosexuality (a few months before what is called today the “Arab spring” and the UN declaration early 2011, recognizing that "LGBT rights are human rights").

      The 2011 conference  was organized by Merhaba (Brussels), with the support and advice of HM2F (France) and TIC (South Africa), in collaboration with Bedayaa (Egypt-Sudan).

   The conference was planned in Brussels during three days (10th to 12th of December 2011). The opening ceremonies was planned in Brussels; some activities was planned in other cities, among which Paris (in collaboration with the Marie de Paris and the EHESS - school of high social studies), and Madrid (in collaboration with the FELGTB - LGBT Spanish confederation).


   The CALEM conference proposes trainings and activities: plenary session to acquire basic knowledge, development workshops and free brainstorming spaces, time for spiritual retreat, debates.



In 2010, our CALEM - Conference of Associations LGBTQIA, European, Muslim - elaborated a manifesto against the violence toward sexual minorities throughout the world today... Consult it here.


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