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« Read: In the name of thy Lord Who createth, createth man from a clot. Read: And thy Lord is the most Bounteous, Who teacheth by the pen,

Teacheth man that which he knew not»

QURAN: 96.1-5

In 2010, our CALEM - Conference of Associations LGBTQIA, European, Muslim - elaborated a manifesto against the violence toward sexual minorities throughout the world today...

CALEM | 2010  - Manifesto for a moratorium on criminalization of affective and homosexual relationships between consenting adults


"In many Muslim countries today, millions of queer brothers and sisters have to cope with stigma, discrimination and sometimes violence from fellow believers.

Some Muslims are still expressing direct or indirect violence against LGBTQI Muslim minorities. They infrahumanize us, rejecting our sexualities and loves, pretending we are not human enough to express a true human spirituality; that our very existence ought to be considered as a threat to public order; in several Muslim countries homosexuality is even punishable by death penalty!

Islam is a religion of Peace. Each and every good Muslim’s duty is to fight back the violence of homophobia. A small minority of extremists tries to promote a hegemonic identity based on an illusory almighty masculinity; they do not acknowledge the difference between gender and sexuality.

These extremists use a poor scientific knowledge or apocryphal Scriptural evidence to condemn our deep nature. Nonetheless, our beloved Prophet 
accepted us as we are; so called “mukhanathun” were serving our holy prophet’s family, among his wives and children.

We are respectable members of the community. We do not live in autarky but we live amongst Muslim populations everywhere; we pray in your mosque and accomplish Hajj side by side with you. We are demanding for respect and inclusion, as exemplified by the Prophet's sunnah
. We are not asking for special rights; we are asking for our Muslim brothers and sisters to respect our basic human rights.

Thus today we, citizens, Muslim personnalities and major international intellectuals, ask formally a moratorium so that at term, affective and homosexual relations between consenting adults, shall be decriminilazied in all Muslim countries and those where Islam has it say."

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  CALEM 2010 - the first CALEM conference - was an initiative of the Citizen network of the HM2F (Homosexual Muslims of France).

    The 2010 conference was hosted by the LGBT Federation of France, The Inner Circle (South Africa), Trans Aides (France), the International Committee IDAHO (International Day Against homophobia), Amnesty International, the Citizen network of HM2F (France).

   In three days, we welcomed 80 participants from 11 countries (among which 4 North African countries); the 2010 CALEM Manifesto asked for a “moratorium on criminalization” of homosexuality (a few months before what is called today the “Arab spring” and the UN declaration early 2011, recognizing that "LGBT rights are human rights").

     Following the first session of CALEM in October 2010, many associations who could not come to this first edition, told us they would attend the CALEM 2011 conference.



        Who   WE   are

The CALEM | 2010 conference has been initiated by HM2F - as the international CALEM organizing committee coordinator -

A CALEM 2010 conference organized thanks to TIC - one of the oldest international inclusive Muslim organization.

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