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                                               زيارة موقعنا الجديد 



Contact Doctor and Imam Ludovic-Mohamed ZAHED - Director of the CALEM Expertise Cabinet - or
Tel: 0 (033) 667087066

   CALEM CONFEDERATION's                STEERING  COMMITTEE until            2015

Yazid - HM2F/MPF/MIF (Progressive, Inclusive, Homosexual Muslims of France) -
-Tel: 0684488885

Or Alladine (Marseille - 0624015401)

Or Houari (Lille - 0640743329)

Randa Lamri (Sweden)
Transfeminist activis

Yadh Krandel (Tunisia)
Association SHAMS, first North African  registered NGO (Tunisia) 

Zak Ostmane (Algeria)
LGBT Refugees in Europe and North Africa.

Adam Puskar (Serbia)
Member of the LGBT mainstream network in Belgrade.
- Webiste
- Facebook

Jouanna Hassoun (Germany)
Project leading/psychosocial counselling
- MILES center for migrants, lesbians and Gays; A Project of the Lesbian and Gay Asociation Berlin –Brandenburg
Kleiststraße 35 - 10787 Berlin
- Phone: +49 (0) 30 - 22 50 22 15
- Fax: + 49 (0) 30 - 22 50 22 21
- Website
- Facebook

Ahmed D. from NASIJ (Spain)
Nasij (in Arabic: texture) is a Barcelona-based project conceived as a physical and virtual network through which share information, ideas and experiences that promote an inclusive and queer Islam.
- Facebook

Pier from MOI (Italy)
Musulmani omosessuali in Italia.
- Website
- Facebook

Döne from Haarvdur Avond (Netherlands)
A group for LGBT and LGBT Muslims interested in Islam.
- Website
- Facebook

Brother S. from LGBT Awareness in Jordan (Jordan)
It is an initiative I made based in Amman, Jordan to increase awareness to the public of the strife of the local LGBT community and bridge the gap between Islam and LGBT.
- Facebook

Sister A. (Pakistan)
Special advisor on transsexuality.

There is a new EUROPEAN QUEER MUSLIM NETWORK rising (since 2015)

For more information please contact MARUF (Amsterdam)
- Website
- Facebook