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guest   invited   at  calem    2010  (archives below)

HM2F wants to offer a chance our sister organizations to work together, on a solid ground and respectful relationship.
HM2F used to be a Muslim group; since January 2010 is it a very active non-profit independant organization.

TIC is an international queer Muslim organization, proposing its mentorship, help and counselling for those who wants to benefite from them. HM2F is thankful to TIC for the help their provide us, organizing the first CALEM conference.
They say they do not want to be leaders; they are offering a concrete help and they shall share their almost 15 years of trust and counselling as an international queer Muslim organization.

Trans Aide is a French transidentitary organization, that help HM2F organizing that first conference. They want to learn more about Islam and they have among them queer Muslims, also questionning their identity, sexuality and gender.

  • merhaba   (belgium)
  • Merhaba is an association that has been working for almost ten years, to advise and support queer Muslims, respecting each and every one point of view.
    This association is incorporated into the Muslim community in Belgium.

We have to put ego and personal ambitions aside to truly fulfill our Lord’s will. We shall all be united; we do need each others. We do need the help of each and every queer Muslim organization.


Our European sister organizations ought to feel fully integrated as full founder members. No organization will be able to withdrawn a better benefit than her sisters, otherwise this project shall be doomed


Each organization ought to stay free; nobody has to take the lead upon others. To be in peace, networks ought to be built on common progressive Muslim values, trust, transparency and true sister-brotherhood. Thank you for your very wise advices and participation.

May Allah be with us all in our glorious projects!


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2010  queer  muslims'  international political  context           (archives below)

We think that queer Muslims need to inform the Muslim community about who LGBTQIA individuals are really are; we shall all together, adopt a common long term strategy to fight for our rights and human dignity!


At the French National Assembly on the 17th of may 2010, HM2F and imam Tarek Oubrou – a French Theologian very well known for his Islamic progressive values concerning women and now LGBT individuals – confirmed that nowhere in the Quran nor in the Sunnah homosexuality is condemned by nature, that homophobia is against the Islamic ethic!

For HM2F, it means that our long term strategy is working, as a Muslim group and now as an official queer Muslim strong and well built organization. Hence for almost 15 years, TIC has been working conscientiously to open the path for queer Muslims around the World. At the last AIR | 2010 – the 7th annual international retreat, in South Africa – around ten nationalities were represented. Today, The Inner Circle is expanding its mentorship, also throughout Europe.


There is several ways to build that common international umbrella. It appears that we have to proceed through regional networking first, before gathering again in Cape Town next year to talk common long term strategy. HM2F wants to give the foot to its sister European organizations that have to be informed on the basis of trust and total transparency, rather than follow other’s project they know nothing about (…).

Thus, on autumn 2010 HM2F and TIC gathered for the first time our sister organizations in Paris on October the 9th and 10th, to talk together mainly with imam Muhsin Hendricks – from The Inner Circle, and its project of an international queer Muslim umbrella – about the best way to free our people from stigma, violence and discrimination!

We all have different histories and different background; our TAQWAH is the strength of our faith. Our differences are a human holy treasure! As queer Muslims, it is the basis of our common progressive Muslim values... HM2F thinks that each organization ought to stay free; nobody has to take the lead upon others. Organizing parties and conferences is good, but never forget that our brothers and sisters are suffering, they need us now! 

Today for us it is obvious that LGBTQIA organizations are at the forefront of an emerging truly inclusive Islam.

CALEM 2010  -  long  term  cooperation  proposal  (archives below)

    We would like to share with all our sister organizations, our information concerning several organizations' proposal concerning a long term hypothetical cooperation (p.2 of the program):

CALEM  2010  -  main  contacts   (archives below)

Organized on the initiative of the citizen network HM2F – homosexual Muslim de France

Ludovic Lotfi Mohamed ZAHED – founder and spokesman
Tél : 0659919012
 Email :



Organised in association with Trans Aides

Emilie GARÇON – national representant

Tél : 0678663487  -   Email :



As part of the world day against homophobia, transphobia

Louis-Georges TIN – president of the committee IDAHO

Tél : 0619454552  -   Email :




main   guests  -  calem  2010  (archives below)


First Imam in the world to accept his homosexuality;
The key player in the documentary "Jihad for Love"
(Parvez Sharma - 2007 -
Founder of the only International LGBTQI Muslim
in South Africa - The Inner Circle.



Imam Abdullah DAAYIEE

The second openly gay imam in the world.
Linguist, lawyer, consultant to various LGBTQI Muslim organizations.
Having studied Oriental languages in China and Saudi Arabia.

Contact :

Philippe Lasnier, representing  Bertrand DELANOË

The mayor of Paris

François ZIMERAY

Ambassador of France for Human rights