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1. calem  rumi's  Isiphephelo:   progressive  mosques, refugees' shelterS, and muslim imam-As training program


First, we are focusing more and more our activities on African and Middle Eastern societies, not abandoning our activities in Europe of course (CALEM never organized or coordinated or participated so much to international events than in 2014); Our aim is more than ever to fight back intersectional discrimination towards a more inclusive, progressive and democratic representation of gender and faith.

Please note that other colleagues have endeavored in Africa and North America similar initiatives, to deconstruct dogma used towards fascists political agendas, training a new generation of imam-as and leaders to be able to answer the most extremists among us. Check out for instance: IPEP (SA) or MECCA Institue (USA).

Some advocates in order to "unmosque" our Islamic tradition in a more alternative way.
Besides, CALEM offers special scholarships for refugees and non UE citizens.

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Please note that our programs and activites have been transfered since 2015 to the professionnal expertise of the international CALEM's Cabinet

2. Builds on existing efforts, training for inclusive imams and interfaith dialogue

Through our international dynamic, our organization have organized more than thirty international colloquiums, seminars, conferences, spiritual training retreats and regular monthly peer-to-peer groups on topics such as inclusive & progressive Islam, women, transgender & human rights, HIV-AIDS phobia and other topics related to intersectional discrimination. Thus, we have trained around six hundreds of advocates or stigmatized citizens coming from Europe, and more and more refugees or NGO representatives from Africa and Middle East[1].  The purpose was to provide attendees education in promoting human rights and equality within Muslim or other faith-based communities, and they have used that training to sustain their associations’ inner dynamic and develop their expertise. 

           Learn more about our sister organisations' training for inclusive imams by contacting us

[1] Participants to our activities, since 2010, are from Europe, MENA, North & South America, Asia –