After seven years of field studies, the event book of our editions - CALEM
Official release: 17th of may 2017
(international day against homophobia, transphobia)


After seven years of field studies, the results of a detailed discursive analysis of how progressive Muslims, feminists, gays and lesbians, in France and elsewhere, relate to and engage against fascism:

"From a participatory field perspective, I will describe why renewed representations of Islam may well be seen as mainstream Islam, tomorrow. I will analyze three sources of information that I would not have been able to obtain if I had not been totally involved in this civic engagement: the testimony of individuals of Muslim faith or of Muslim origin, considered to be a "gender minority" or a sexual minority; The opinion of the imams of France and Europe about them; The raise of LGBT+ activism and Islamic feminism in recent years, in particular as a result of the rise of nationalisms and phobias of all kinds.
My project has been to put into perspective, mainly, the counter-discourse that is being elaborated at this very moment and since the end of the last century, thanks to gender minorities claiming to be Muslims, within diasporas living in French-speaking countries. This analysis will be carried out in a relationship with other Muslim communities elsewhere in the world. It should be noted that this is a historic turning point that I am given to analyze, since these minorities clearly intend to appropriate the theoretical religious corpus, notably by the democratic elaboration of a "theology Of Islamic liberation", in order to be able to reconcile modernity, sexuality and spirituality".

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Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed, PhD. in social & human sciences (Theology, Psychology, Anthropology) and gay imam, co-founder of the first European inclusive mosque, in Paris (2012), director of CALEM (editions and counciling) and researcher in neuropsychology (APHP).
Here it is, his PhD. thesis in religious facts anthropology (EHESS - 2015).

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For the international day against homophobia, transphobia, in 2017
the director of the CALEM cabinet & counciling will be part of several events:

- Université d'Aix-en-Provence (seminar Gendermed, 17th at 10h-12h)
- Roiund table organized by the Belgian goverment (19th may)
- Amsterdam national TV debate ("Family, religion & hope", 5th may)
- Training for the French LGBT meeting (Tours)
- Worldpride (Madrid - June 2017)
- etc.


Other information:

* Documentary about queers muslims in Netherlands, with the participation of the CALEM director: click here.

* Documentary on ARTE about queer refugees from Arab countries, seeking asylum in France and Germany: click here.
Our latest publication about "Homosexuality, Transidentity & Islam", described below:

« I am often facing individuals, whether personally concerned or not by the present topic, who have heard so much about the subject, and its opposite, that they want to have an idea, at the same time synthetic and global, on this issue, from the point of view of the so-called Arab-Muslim tradition. I propose to recapitulate here the Islamic Scriptural sources relating to the question of the diversity of natures, genders, and human sexualities. Thus, in an approach that is certainly more politically committed than that of most intellectuals of our time, I will be able to specify certain theological notions which may appear to be hermetic for the uninitiated ».

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